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NomaxXN pointed me -- and likely some other familiar parties to this gem…

For those that need a bit of context before clicking the link or happen to be using a terminal incapable of playing YouTube videos for the moment, it's a Russian She-Mask fanfilm with its own scenario (granted it does take a FEW cues from the Jim Carrey movie, it's not not a shot-for-shot redux of it) featuring a plain-Jane type lead that uses the Mask for her own convenience while still showing it's a chaotic if not unstable force as a drawback.

Although it's not the first ambitious amateur project of its kind to feature a She-Mask onscreen (see this little number:… , a screen test based LOOSELY on the events of "The Mask Returns") it does show various types of situations where "going green" might come in handy -- even for petty reasons.

To those that served as strong supporters of the idea of The Mask being worn by the "fairer sex" more commonly than what the comics had, I can't help but wonder if one of us in this group if not associated with the fandom on a general scale had a hand in influencing this even if indirectly. Hell, with that in mind is there anyone in this fanbase that would like to be approached by a fanfilm maker directly to consult a few scenes be it in writing or storyboards? Delusions of grandeur to be sure -- but it's nice to dream isn't it?

If you haven't seen the video yet, give it a try when you're able to. Share your thoughts/dive into discussion in the comments section.
Wooo...Four years today since I made this club, feels like it was just yesterday.

Anyway, congrats on making it this far everyone, this fandom's certainly increased by a fair amount since last February. As such, let's use this opportunity to go over some honourable mentions.

I feel like we need to talk about :iconany-other: who's been with us since May, and has produced some great content in the few months he's been here...Also he likes Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple, so you know he's a great guy.

Also this year :iconmugenkeiji: got a tablet and started drawing, he's come a long way since the pen and paper sketches of old (I may in fact still have some of those somewhere on my hard drive) Here's hoping he keeps this drive of his for many more years to come.

It's also been a year of commissions, :iconmaskedwander: and :iconany-other: and a few others have put their money where there mouths are and got some splendid pictures out of the deal. We've seen stuff from :iconkyo-domesticfucker: and :iconidarkshadowi: and the classic :iconshoxxe: flair, with a few surprises here and there.

All in all it's been a good 12 months for all of us. Let's hope we can say the same next year.

And before I forget. There is in fact a little something in the works to commemorate this special occasion...Hopefully we'll see it completed within the next week or two.

Till then, take care!
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Welcome to the She-Mask Club We're just a group of guys and gals who enjoy the concept of WOMEN wearing The Mask, you know that 90's comic book that got two movies and a cartoon made of it. All fans welcome

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A similar principle applies with other shapes (ovals, elongated hexagon, parabola, etc.) so long as there's placement for the top lip and lower lip (and those can be stylized shapes as well).

Hell for anime/manga, you don't necessarily have to draw the lips but technically the landmark is still internalized by the artist seeing how the center of the top lip and defining line for the bottom lip are still in place. It's just a matter of varying size and spacing really.
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Well some artists simplify the lips as an artistic trait don't they?
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Somebody would know where I could buy a mask used by Jim Carrey in: "the mask  1994" ?
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